Snake - The Board Game now on Kickstarter (ENDED)

The best games are the ones that stick with you. Years after you have played them, you can still remember how much fun they were. Then, you pick them up again, and it's incredible – how much fun they still are.

Snake is a game like that, which is why it has remained so popular for more than 45 years. First emerging as an arcade cabinet in 1976, it went on to its greatest fame on the earliest cellphones. Long before Angry Bird and Fortnite had normalized the phone as a gaming console, we all pulled up the "Games" section on our Nokia phones and played hours upon hours of Snake.

"Snake: The Board Game offers a great challenge, while staying true to it's digital predecessor." -- Bastiaan Nox, Nox' Spellenzolder --

It was there when you were waiting for a bus.

It was there when you were early for a doctor's appointment.

1 board, 1 D10 die, 1 D12 die, 4 food pieces, 8 rocks, 120 multicolor snake pieces, 4 game piece boxes

People fell in love with Snake, passing it on to their kids. It became a timeless game, something that few other games ever even approach. Even today, you can enjoy yourself playing one version of Snake or another (and there are many) despite its simplicity.

It doesn't need the flashy graphics that the current bestsellers do. It doesn't need any more than a single move. Snake captures the imagination, it hooks us in, and it keeps our attention.

What more could you want?

To celebrate this classic timeless game and to breathe new life into it, I have created an iteration that is totally different from every one that has come before it. It's called Snake - The Board Game, and instead of speeding up the action, I am taking a decidedly different approach.

That's right: I'm slowing Snake down.

The result is that you get to see a side of Snake that you never have. You get to see the strategic, tactical side of Snake. In Snake - The Board Game, you need to plan out every move, growing in a way that is going to block your opponent from doing the same.

Typical 2-player basic game. The game lasted 35 minutes (fast replay) and is played with prototype game pieces.

The basic premise hasn't changed. You are still trying to eat apples (or dots, depending on how far back you go in the game's history) to get longer and longer. Simply by shifting the speed downward, Snake morphs into something that forces you to think ahead and get a little more creative.

First batch of the actual game pieces!! Please note that the white color will be changed to yellow

The design of the board game, which I have done together with illustrator Anica Smiljkovic, is a respectful homage to other versions of Snake. It is my attempt to remind people of all the wonderful times they have had playing this game over the years, whether in an arcade or in their own bedrooms.

Curious about the unique game mechanics of Snake - The Board Game? You can already play the board game online against a computer opponent! Try if you can beat the computer and win the game! Check it and then, Back it!